Hello world

As I woke up this morning, the dew; the freshness of the air – there’s a bit of chill.  Welcome all, hailing from Wainuiomata!  And welcome to my blog site.  A word of caution – sometimes I speak cryptic (no sentence structure) but hey, this is the dialogue.

This blog is based on my journey.  The journey of rediscovering who I am, where I stand in this world and the many circumstances/experiences that led me in life.

So, what is your choice for the day?  To me, there is two (2) – a positive or a negative; for example: have a good day or a bad day; have a funny day (full of laughter) or a grumpy day.  Get the gitz (smile)?

Bear with me as I try to get to grips with how this site pans out.  A little at a time.  Take care.


About the picture:  I took this picture as the sun was setting in Seaview, Wellington. The water was calming and it made me feel great.  The fisherman in the background is my brother.  If you see another figure in there, that is a relative of mine. I am really proud of this photo and also has this as my background on my laptop. Enjoy.